Why A Cheap Maltipoo Puppy Cost More in the Long Run

You’ve decided it’s time to welcome a maltipoo puppy into your life. You eagerly fire up your laptop and search “maltipoo puppies for sale near me.” Suddenly, your eyes nearly bulge out – why are some breeders listing maltipoo puppies over ยฃ3000? That’s outrageous! After all, that guy on Gumtree offers maltipoo pups for a mere ยฃ400. Those breeders charging thousands must be total rip-off artists, right?

Wrong! When it comes to dogs, you get what you pay for. A colossal difference exists between that sketchy ยฃ400 pup the guy peddles from his beaten-up car in some Lidl’s carpark and a quality maltipoo from an ethical, reputable breeder. It’s the stark contrast between acquiring a lemon…and investing in a lemon tree that bears sweet fruit for over a decade.

That cheap ยฃ400 puppy embodies the doggy equivalent of a lemon. More aptly, it represents a potential lemonade stand rife with endless expenses and headaches it’s likely to breed (pun intended). Perhaps an unscrupulous puppy mill churned it out with zero regard for genetics or health standards. Alternatively, maybe breeders ruthlessly overbred its poor mother into an abysmal condition. Either way, who knows what nightmarish health issues could crop up down the road?

Contrast a well-bred maltipoo puppy from an ethical breeder who prioritises health, genetics, and socialisation. That’s akin to purchasing a lemon tree that keeps giving healthy fruits every year. Not only will this maltipoo pup likely dodge many expensive genetic issues, but breeders lovingly raised and meticulously socialised it from birth for stellar behaviour. Moreover, they carefully screened its parents to ensure sound health and an ideal temperament.

With that sketchy puppy mill maltipoo, you could easily get stuck paying thousands upon thousands in vet bills over the years for avoidable issues. On the flip side, while you need a bigger upfront investment for a quality maltipoo, you’re getting a pup more likely to remain healthier and require fewer costly vet visits long-term.


Reputable breeders provide an invaluable element of ongoing support and guidance. They don’t just take your money and disappear. Instead, they remain an available resource to provide advice, share expertise, and some give a health contract allowing you to take the maltipoo puppy back with a full refund if your vet finds any issues. Can you fathom that shady Gumtree guy offering anything remotely similar?

So don’t get duped by those seemingly too-good-to-be-true low price tags. A quality, ethically bred maltipoo represents a wise investment that provides unconditional love and steadfast companionship for over a decade. Conversely, an inexpensive, sketchy pup from an unstable source is a potential money pit merely waiting to be dug.