Remove tear stains from dogs
Remove tear stains from dogs

You love your furry friend more than anything. But there’s one thing that can make even the cutest pup look a little rough around the edges – tear stains, the unsightly struggle of dog owners everywhere.

Those reddish-brown streaks around the eyes are impossible to ignore. They’re like a permanent marker staining an otherwise perfect picture.

If you’re tired of people asking if your dog has been crying, don’t worry. I’ve got the solution to remove tear stains from dogs that actually works. And I’m going to share it with you in this post.

Who am I?

Well you can say I’m just a Dog Lady, a lover of dogs especially Maltese and Maltipoos. After raising over 100 puppies and in 15+ years, their isn’t a product, hack, trick or spell I haven’t tried.

But first, let’s understand what causes these unsightly stains in the first place.

What Are Tear Stains and Why Do They Happen?

Tear stains, also called “red yeast stains,” are those rusty discolorations that appear on the fur around a dog’s eyes. They’re caused by excessive tearing and porphyrins, which contains Iron – Porphyrin pigments turn reddish brown when exposed to air and moisture. When red blood cells are broken down by the body (including ours), porphyrin is released as a by product. This molecule is excreted in dogs, via bodily fluids, including bile, tears, saliva, and urine. In cases where an excessive amount of tears is produced, the porphyrin within the tears tends to stain the fur, resulting in the characteristic discoloration.

DID YOU KNOW! – The name “porphyrin” derives from the Greek word πορφύρα (porphyra), meaning purple

Tyrian Purple Dog

Several factors contribute to excessive tearing and tear staining in dogs:

  • Breed (flat-faced dogs like Pugs tend to be more prone)
  • Allergies (Poultry is the main culprit in this category)
  • Water – Higher mineral content is more likely to cause stains
  • Blocked tear ducts
  • Injury or irritation around the eye area

While tear stains themselves are harmless, they can be a sign of an underlying health issue that may require veterinary attention. But for many dogs, it’s simply an annoying cosmetic problem.

Which brings us to the pivotal question…

How to Remove Tear Stains from Dogs: The 3-Step Solution

Through years of trial, error, and raising 100s of Maltese & Maltipoo puppies (tear stains on Maltese are highly noticeable) , I’ve finally cracked the code on removing tear stains naturally and effectively. Here’s the step-by-step process:

Step 1) Clean the area

Like any good project, preparation is key. You’ll want to start with a fresh, clean slate by gently wiping away any existing tear stain build up.

  • Use a dry cloth or cotton ball and DRY CLEAN the area
  • Remove all eye buggers and completely dry

Step 2) Apply (…drum roll) EYE ENVY!

Eye Envy Powder to Remove Tear Stains from Dogs

Yes EYE ENVY! Now before you stop reading and say ‘I’ve already tried that and it doesn’t remove tear stains from dogs’, let me tell you the essential part. DO NOT use the liquid nor the wet wipes they give in their kit. The key is to ensure the area ALWAYS stays dry (because like you’ve read above, air & moisture is the stimulus for the discolouration).

  • Pinch a very small amount of powder
  • Rub into the stained area, thoroughly!
  • Avoid getting into the eyes

Here’s a video showing you exactly how I do it, with BEFORE & AFTER images.

Step 3) Repeat this process daily until you start to see the tear stains fade away.

Whether its your fitness level or your cooking skills, if you don’t stay on top of the process, it doesn’t take look before you notice all that hard work disappearing and start seeing those stains reappearing (as well as the double chin and burnt toast)

Manage Causes and Prevent Future Staining

To keep those pesky tear stains from coming back, you’ll need to get a bit proactive:

✔️ Keep the area around the eyes clean and dry

✔️ Consider switching to a higher quality, limited ingredient dog food if allergies are an issue

✔️ Trim long facial hair that may wick tears towards the eyes

✔️ Take your pup for regular vet check ups to rule out any medical causes

The Tear-Free Dog Life You Deserve

Listen, I get it. Tear stains are annoying, unattractive, and seemingly impossible to get rid of…until now. With this proven 3-step solution to remove tear stains from dogs, you have the power to transform your dog from “stained” to “sustained” cuteness.

No more hiding away in embarrassment or answering weird questions about why your dog looks like they’ve been crying for days. Just a bright-eyed, unstained dog ready to melt hearts wherever they go.

Of course, no solution is perfect and results may vary from dog to dog. But I truly believe this method gives you the best chance at banishing unsightly tear stains once and for all.

So stop stressing and start stain-removing! Your fur baby’s beautiful face is about to get the glow up it deserves.

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