Frequently Asked Questions


What size do your puppies grow to?

Maltese are bred to two sizes – miniature and standard. At MLA Pets, we breed Micro, Teacup and Small Toy sized puppies which are considerably smaller then your standard sized Maltese

Are MLA Maltese registered with the Kennel Club or any other association?

All MLA Pets are registered with Kennel Club. We at MLA Pets are true professionals and have become ASSURED MALTESE BREEDERS. You can find out more about the assured breeder scheme and requirements here.

What health problems affect Maltese?

Maltese are very healthy dogs. The main thing to watch out for is ear infections; however, this can usually be prevented by plucking the hair out of the ear canal and ensuring that the ears are kept clean. We will explain this to you when you visit. Our breeding dogs are extensively health screened prior to being bred in efforts to make sure that our puppies will live long and healthy lives.

How should I choose a breeder?

Choosing the right breeder is really important. You should spend much more time choosing the right breeder than you did choosing the right breed! You can read more about this subject on our page dedicated to choosing the right breeder.

MLA Pets

What is the best way to contact you?

Email – undoubtedly! The nature of our job means our hands are usually full and we struggle to get to the phone. We also find social media messages unreliable. Email is the very best way to get hold of us, so please submit a contact form to get a dialogue started.

Where are you located?

We are located in the West Midlands. The details of our exact location is provided to families who have made an appointment to visit.

Do I need to place an advance reservation for one of your puppies?

We have built a good reputation for producing beautiful, healthy, happy puppies with great temperaments and as such, they tend to be reserved quite far in advance. Very rarely, we might have a puppy available that is a good match for you almost immediately, but usually the wait time will be anywhere from a few months to a year. The more flexible you are with regard to size, gender and use, the shorter your wait will be.

It takes a long time to build and develop a great breeding programme and it is a constant challenge for us to bring in new bloodlines of excellent quality. We don’t take any shortcuts – every addition to our breeding programme is very thoroughly researched.

We are always at the mercy of nature which often has other plans. Whilst we do our very best to plan, have a ‘plan b’ and manage our clients’ expectations appropriately, sometimes a mother will not conceive, or will have a much smaller litter than expected and there is just nothing we can do about it.

Hence we encourage you to be patient, as hard as it is, because the few months to a year that you will wait now will be well worthwhile and pay dividends over many years to come with your new family member! You can use the waiting time to educate yourself and your family and get everything organised and prepared for puppy’s arrival.

Do you export puppies?

Yes, we provide a worldwide export service where the regulations allow. You can find out more about which countries we export to by contacting us

How much are your puppies?

Please contact us for pricing information.

Why are your puppies more expensive than some other breeders?

The price of our puppies reflects our knowledge, experience and reputation as breeders, as well as the quality of the puppies that we produce. We are absolutely confident in the quality of our puppies and the service that we provide – many of our clients return for their second and sometimes even third Maltese puppy.

We have a lot invested in our breeding programme – financially and emotionally, not to mention the time and effort we dedicate 365 days per year. We go to great lengths to make our breeding programme the very best it can be. We search the globe for the very best breeding dogs which can cost up to £20,000. We only add the very best dogs to our breeding programme. If a puppy we have purchased for breeding doesn’t grow up to meet our high standards, we don’t use them in our breeding programme – they live out their lives as family pets. Our puppies are raised in the very best facilities which are kept in immaculate condition by our hard-working team. Always working around the clock to ensure that our puppies thrive. The Vet we use is amazing and provides the very best veterinary care. Our puppies are raised on a high quality, grain-free food. We spend hours and hours socialising our puppies and preparing them for their adventure in the big wide world. Working tirelessly to produce the very best puppies we can, to match our clients with the best puppy for them!

We provide a very high level of service to our clients during the purchase process and we are always here to support clients for the entire life of their puppy. All questions are answered to the very best of our abilities, no matter how long ago you collected your puppy from us.

Our prices are reflective of everything we do. If you are looking to buy a puppy from an alternative breeder, please consider some of the points raised on our ‘Choosing A Breeder’ page to help you make an informed decision.

Why are deposits non-refundable?

We view deposits as our clients’ commitment that they want to add a MLA Pets puppy to their home and are willing to wait as long as it takes to do so. Non-refundable deposits also help people to decide whether adding a puppy to their family is a good decision prior to their name being added to our list. We run a very structured and well-organised breeding programme and this is very much aligned with that.

If your circumstances change and you need to put your reservation ‘on hold’ for a while, even if it is for a number of years, we are happy to honour your deposit in the future. If we have had a price increase by then however, your deposit will be applied towards that increased price.

Can I visit you to see the puppies and their parents?

Young puppies are very susceptible to bacterial infections, particularly prior to their first vaccination at 8 weeks old. A huge part of our job as breeders is protecting our puppies against infection, and we take it very seriously.

Our clients have opportunities to visit MLA Pets Home.

Once  the appropriate litter has been born, you will be invited to attend a puppy viewing. We have this viewing to provide you with the opportunity to come along and meet the available litter, and indeed meet the mother and father. The viewing will be scheduled on date when the puppies are approximately 5 to 6 weeks old.

Finally, you will come to our home on collection day to pick up your puppy.

Are your puppies wormed and vaccinated?

Our Maltese puppies are regularly wormed right up to collection day. Our puppies are given their first vaccination before they leave us, and the second vaccination is due when they turn 10 weeks old. You will receive full details of worming and vaccination prior to collecting your puppy.

Are your puppies well socialised?

Absolutely! We have a comprehensive and extensive socialisation protocol. Hours and hours socialising and interacting with our puppies, getting them exposed to different sights, sounds and objects to make sure that they are ready to make the transition to your home.

When will the puppies be ready to go to their new homes?

Our puppies are typically ready for their new homes when they are 8 – 10 weeks old, but this can vary a little. Once the puppies are born, we will advise of their collection date.

What do you feed your puppies?

All MLA puppies are reared on Eden Country Cuisine – Sporting & Working Dogs.

What comes with your puppies?

Our puppies come with a full pedigree, a Vet health screen printout , care guidelines and a lifetime of support. They are also fully wormed and have had their first vaccination.

How do I start the process to have a MLA puppy?

Once you have done your research and decided that you want to add a Maltese from MLA Pets to your family you will need to complete an application. Please contact us for instructions if you need help to complete the application.

Should I take out pet insurance?

We always recommend pet insurance. Regardless of how well health screened your puppies’ parents are, illness and accidents can and still do happen. We suggest you take out a policy with a well-known provider such as ‘Bought by Many’.


Are all Maltese allergy and asthma friendly?

Maltese breed have a very high if not the best success rate with allergy and asthma sufferers because they have non-shedding coats.

What is the difference between male and female Maltese?

There is no difference in temperament or personality between males and females. The Maltese breed has a fairly consistent temperament and each dog has their own personality, regardless of gender.

What grooming and coat care is required for Maltese?

Maltese have non-shedding coats so need clipped regularly. They also need to be brushed 2/3 times per week. They have hair which grows in their ear canals which needs removing too. Maltese are one of if not the highest maintenance of dogs.

Do you recommend crate training?

Yes – absolutely – provided you are going about it in the right way. Crates are a very useful training tool. Your puppy should sleep in his crate overnight and it can be used for short bursts throughout the day. You cannot leave your puppy in a crate while you go to work. If crate training is new to you, we will be happy to discuss it with you when you visit us.