Training a Maltipoo Puppy: Essential Commands for a Well-Behaved Companion

Maltipoo puppies learning sit command

Introducing a Maltipoo puppy into your family is a thrilling and fulfilling encounter. However, as with all cute little furballs, these puppies need patience, consistency and proper training to develop good manners and behaviour. Although it is so easy to get carried away by the irresistible puppy eyes, establishing a strong foundation with essential commands is one way of raising a calm, obedient and well-behaved Maltipoo.

Whether you are a first-time puppy parent or an experienced dog owner, this guide will help you understand the basic commands that every Maltipoo should know. From mastering ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ to promptly coming when called their name among others like these simple yet effective techniques not only deepen your connection with your furry friend but also promote peaceful cohabitation at home.

So, if you are ready for positive reinforcement, clear communication and unwavering patience ahead of us then let us start off with the important commands that will change your Maltipoo puppy from being an ill-behaved, restless and disobedient pet into one that is well- mannered calm and obedient.

1. Sit

The “Sit” command is one of the fundamental commands every maltipoo puppy should learn. It teaches them impulse control and prepares them for other commands. To train your puppy to sit:

  1. Hold a treat close to their nose, then slowly move it upward.
  2. As their head follows the treat, their bottom will naturally lower into a sitting position.
  3. Once they are fully seated, praise them and give them the treat.

Repeat this process multiple times a day until your puppy responds reliably to the “Sit” command.

Maltipoo Puppy on Table

2. Stay

The “Stay” command helps your puppy understand that they should remain in one place until you give them permission to move. Follow these steps to train your puppy to stay:

  1. Start with your puppy in a sitting position.
  2. Hold your hand up, palm facing them, and say “Stay” in a firm but calm tone.
  3. Take a step back, and if your puppy remains in place, reward them with praise and a treat.
  4. Gradually increase the distance and duration of the “Stay” command over time.

Remember, patience is key during training sessions. If your puppy breaks the stay, simply guide them back into position and start again.

“Consistency, patience, and positive reinforcement are key components of successful training.” 

3. Come

The “Come” command is crucial for your puppy’s safety and allows you to have control over their movements. Here’s how you can teach your puppy to come when called:

  1. Choose a quiet and distraction-free area for training.
  2. Get down to your puppy’s level and excitedly say their name followed by “Come.”
  3. Open your arms and encourage them to come to you.
  4. When your puppy reaches you, reward them with praise, affection, and a treat.

Make sure to use a positive and enthusiastic tone while calling your puppy. Consistent practice in various environments will strengthen their response to the “Come” command.

4. Down

The “Down” command teaches your puppy to lie down on command, which can be helpful in various situations. Follow these steps to train your puppy to lie down:

Calm Maltipoo Puppy sitting

  1. Hold a treat in your closed hand and let your puppy sniff it.
  2. Slowly lower your hand to the ground, keeping it near their nose.
  3. As your puppy follows your hand, they will naturally lower their body into a lying position.
  4. Once they are lying down, praise them and give them the treat.

Repeat this exercise frequently, gradually replacing the hand gesture with the verbal command “Down.”

“Keep training sessions short and enjoyable for your puppy, and always end on a positive note.”

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