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Maltipoo Puppies are some of the cutest dogs that you can find out there. They are known for being agile, energetic and intelligent. That makes them perfect for most dog owners. But you have to wonder, how much do you know about this breed? Here are some cool, fun things you may want to know about this breed and Maltipoo Puppies in general.

1.      One of the most common colors is apricot

While you will notice most Maltipoo puppies to be white, at least in magazines, the truth is that Apricot is one of their main colors. It might sound strange, but this color fits them very well, and it’s certainly one that a lot of dog owners all over the world got accustomed to, especially when it comes to this breed.

2.      Maltipoos can live up to 14 years

The average lifespan for your Maltipoo can be anywhere from 12 to 16 years. That depends on their diet, health problems, the amount of care you provide and so on. It’s still extraordinary to see small breeds like this live for so long.

Teacup Apricot Puppy

3.      Maltipoo Puppies are great with kids

Not a lot of people know this, but Maltipoos are very good with kids. Since they are fragile and small however, these puppies are better for older children.

4.      You can train Maltipoo Puppies early

Maltipoos are known for being very easy to train. In many cases, people start training them when they barely hit 8 weeks of age. The first command you can try is Sit, and they master that perfectly early on in the process. That alone makes these pets extremely interesting and exciting to be around.

5.      Switch foods slowly, not right away

The interesting thing about Maltipoo Puppies is that whenever you want to switch their food, the process should take around a month. You want to make any changes slowly. The reason here is that any fast changes can bring in severe stomach problems.

6.      Maltipoo puppies and cats

Many dog breeds don’t get along with cats at all. In the case of Maltipoo Puppies, that’s not true at all. They actually get along with cats very well. There can be some exceptions here and there, but overall, you won’t encounter an issue.

7.      They are not pedigree

This is non-pedigree dog. It’s actually a combination between the Maltese and toy poodle. Despite that, these Maltese puppies, are widely sought after due to their unique features and characteristics. Plus, they are extremely cute, which makes them very attractive for a wide range of audiences.

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Teacup Puppies

The Maltipoo Puppies are known for being cute and funny, not to mention full of energy. These offer you even more insights into how these dogs react, how they live and what they enjoy. You do need to take great care of them, so they can be high-maintenance when they are little. But the breed as a whole is not one that requires a lot of care and attention. Yet due to their small size, Maltipoo Puppies can be a bit tricky to take care of. Still, they are an amazing breed and the best purchase for any upcoming dog owners. We regularly have Maltipoo Puppies for sale, please get in contact if this is the breed for you.

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